Essential Natural Tips To Prevent Wrinkles Or Fine Lines

Many people spend time and money on using anti-wrinkle products and homemade masks. However, they ignore the fact that doing something externally not always give a good result. It is important to provide nourishment to your body through balance diet and sleep. Here are few natural tips to prevent wrinkle and slow down wrinkle progression on the skin:

  1. Sleep

Sleep is one of the essentials in our daily life. Sleep deprivation leads to many physiological issues as it suppresses our immune system. During sleep, human growth hormone is produced, and it is important to maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Sleep deprivation also affects the production of human growth hormone, and our skin will become prone to fine lines and wrinkles. During sleep, our body goes into the restoration phase and helps to heal it. So, you should take proper rest as recommended for your age group.

  1. Avoid stress

Stress affects the skin, beauty, and immune system. Anxiety and tension also make you vulnerable for wrinkles and fine lines. It also makes our skin thin. Try to learn effective coping techniques to handle the stressful situations in the life. Learn relaxing techniques to calm down yourself. Give some time to yourself and indulge in recreational activities. A smile will also help you to remove wrinkles from your skin.

  1. Proper intake of water

You should consume proper water as per the requirement of your body. One should at least take 1-2 liters of water. Water helps to remove toxins from our body and keeps our body hydrated and maintain skin elasticity. Thus, intake of water prevents wrinkles.

  1. Use sunscreen glasses and creams

Exposure to the sun is one of the primary cause of skin wrinkles. The UV rays from the sun damage our skin and deplete it. Constant exposure also weakens collagen, and it fails to protect our skin. So, it is important to cover your face or other exposed body parts using sun block creams and also keep an umbrella with you. Choosing a good sun block with high SPF is important. It is better to choose chemical free and water based product. Use sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outside and reuse after 4-6 hours.

  1. Quit cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking is also harmful to our skin. The carcinogens in the cigarettes do not allow oxygen to enter into the skin as they work as toxic plastic bag around the skin. Same goes for the alcohol. If you can’t stop taking alcohol and quit smoking, then set limits on your intake.

  1. Food to prevent wrinkles

As we grow up, our major bodily process like digestion and metabolism slows down and it also effects or skin. Adding antioxidants in our diet help to maintain skin elasticity. Vitamin A rich fruits like spinach, carrots, and soybeans slows down aging skin process. Vitamin E contributes to keeping our skin fresh and firm.

Follow above given simple tips to make your skin firm and beautiful. Our skin depicts our daily routine and for the healthy skin the routine should be healthy too.

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