Self-Compassion & Self-Love

Self-compassion is a solicitude not towards others but only and only for yourself. Self-compassion means to be compassionate, caring and mindful toward one’s very own self that includes one’s body one’s thoughts feelings and emotions.

Women are usually very polite, appraising and caring for their friends. They do express admiration for their friends,  applaud for their achievements and just show a real warmth for them, but all these things don’t necessarily mean that their friends should have a perfect body to be praised or to acclaim. We as women just like to care for our friends and are impressed by them no matter what shape of the body they have either they are bigger or smaller, either they are flabby or smart. We just love the way they are because we just love them for whatever and whoever they are. They are just our besties, our reason of being happy.

This same attitude is needed to be developed for ourselves to develop a self-love which is the key to much-hidden happiness and satisfaction. We, women, we are usually the best critiques of ourselves. We don’t have a little feeling of empathy for ourselves and just criticize our body for everything and doesn’t admire it.

  • If there is a breakup, women do usually criticize themselves for being fatty having flabby arms, flaccid belly, chubby thighs and untoned butts.
  • But if any friend of ours have same body size and an unfirm figure and an incident of breakup occurs with her, we usually do criticize the other person with whom she had a relationship. We usually blame him for not taking the relationship seriously. This is the reason because we are empathetic for our friends we are compassionate, tender-hearted and warm for our friends.

This same attitude is needed to be developed for our very own selves.

Our body is the perfect gift. It breathes for us, and it keeps us alive. It helps us to do many difficult tasks, so we just don’t criticize our body just for being fatty.

“Be gentle with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others”- Lama Yeshe

This quote also underlines the value of self-compassion and tell us about how important self-compassion and self-love is.

Why are most of us not compassionate towards ourselves?

Women are usually the all-time critiques of oneself because they take this criticism as a motivation but instead the actual case is quite the opposite.

  • When we do criticize our bodies in a reason to get motivated and start a workout but doesn’t get the wanted results we are easily tired because of our criticism.
  • Self-Criticism releases the hormone Cortisol, which responds to the stressful situations as a physical threat and this elevated level of cortisol increases low mood, lowering our motivation thus causing depression eventually.
  • Some other women think of being compassionate towards oneself as being extravagant. In contrast, Self-compassion is not self-indulgent. It just means not to condemn oneself one’s body for any flaws but to accept it appreciate it with full love and care.

These all ideas need to be changed, and a feeling of caring towards one’s very own body should be developed as it will lead to self-care and would allow us to stay happy and stay satisfied with our body and our life.

We should reward our body for just being our best companion of all times and stop disapproving it.

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