Why Is Apple Cider Vinegar The Ultimate Home Remedy?


Apple cider vinegar is found to be a great home remedy for many diseases. Instead of visiting the doctor for many of your problems you can find a solution in Apple cider vinegar. However, you should be careful in buying the good and organic quality of it. There must be three things present in it. They are:

  1. Proteins
  2. Enzymes
  3. Friendly bacteria

Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Following are the uses of apple cider vinegar:

1) All purpose cleaner

The first and foremost use of apple cider vinegar is that it is a good cleaning agent. You might be using simple vinegar at home. However, Apple cider vinegar is more effective. The reason behind this is that it is organic as compared to simple unfiltered vinegar. You can easily mix water with vinegar to get the desired result.

2) Diabetes prevention

Diabetes a very common disease these days and it can also be controlled by ACV.  Type two diabetes is treated through ACV. Around nine percent of Americans are diabetic therefore if this treatment can help a lot of American citizens.

3) Regulates skin pH level

Got a scar, nothing to worry about. No need to go to the doctor. Open your cupboard take out ACV and solve your problem. It acts as a toner balancing pH level of the skin. It also lightens the face scars. Add double quantity of water to apple cider vinegar. Now you can apply the mixture on your face.

4) Produces shiny hair

No need to spend lots of money on expensive conditioners or other hair treatments, just cure yourself by using ACV. It helps to eliminate residue left in hair due to shampoo usage. A simple procedure is to apply it on hair for about ten minutes. Do cover your hair with the towel. Then simply wash your hair with your regular shampoo. The result would be silky, shiny hair.

5) Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure can be the source of many diseases. Instead if the medication, you can use ACV to lower your blood pressure, but you should consult your doctor if you are on blood pressure medicine.

6) Whitens teeth

How shameful if you have yellow teeth. No need for scaling. Simply use ACV. Being acidic it helps solve the problem of bad breath by simple gargles of ACV. Mix baking soda and ACV to cure stains on your teeth.

7) Lowers cholesterol

People having high cholesterol level or taking food with high cholesterol should include ACV in your diet. It has been found that ACV helps to bring down cholesterol level. So if you are taking too much fried food then do add ACV in your diet list.

8) Weight loss

A very significant use of ACV is its usage in weight loss. It is handy in cutting down especially the stubborn abdominal weight. Take sixteen ounces of water and mix it with two spoons of ACV to get the desired result.

9) Detoxifies the body

The easiest recipe of detoxification is with ACV. It also detoxifies your liver.

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